My Journey in Islam is Transforming

Prior to joining The Nation of Islam, I voiced what I wanted for my life and I had an exhausting list of questions that were hard to find answers for. So when I attended my first lecture on Sunday, January 12, 2014, it was shocking to see and hear some of what I wanted for my life and to receive answers to questions I had for years. It only took one meeting to plant seeds in the womb of my mind and heart. No, I wasn’t sure about joining just yet, but I knew I wanted more. It was a lot to process. Could this all be too good to be true?

Muslim Women’s Day: Sisters in The Nation of Islam

I’m in marketing and was offended when a story in the pipeline for Muslim Women’s Day got delayed because “it’s not a widely-known holiday”. Because I’m taught to rise above emotions into the thinking of God, I realized that it is my responsibility to spread the Good News and represent as a Muslim woman. I don’t need to wait on anyone or expect anyone else to do the work. I will say, I am happy my job will share a story on a Muslim woman. It’s just that comment was an ouch that I turned into an opportunity.

From Christian to Muslim: Former Rapper Loon Shares His Story

Do you remember Loon? He was a rapper signed to Sean Diddy Comb’s Bad Boy Records, who moved on to have his own label. Soon after he was convicted of conspiracy with intent to traffic kilos of heroin and sentenced to jail for 14 years. Although, he was innocent, as most Black men are, he served his time while never complaining. Below is a snippet of awakening moments as he shares his story of struggle to spiritual success titled “The Wake Up Call”.

Ramadan Goals, Productivity, & Tips

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

– Anonymous

Ramadan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadan)!

This is my fourth Ramadan and it’s the one of the best I’ve experienced thus far, Masha’Allah! This year, I actually took some time to prepare. Not as much as I wanted, however, I tend to be hard on myself. Therefore, that’s one of the things I am releasing Insha’Allah (God Willing) during this time of the year. Want to know how I prepared?

  • Goal Setting
  • Food Preparation (barely)
  • Made up mind!