Muslim Women’s Day: Sisters in The Nation of Islam

I'm in marketing and was offended when a story in the pipeline for Muslim Women's Day got delayed because "it's not a widely-known holiday". Because I'm taught to rise above emotions into the thinking of God, I realized that it is my responsibility to spread the Good News and represent as a Muslim woman. I … Continue reading Muslim Women’s Day: Sisters in The Nation of Islam

Accepting a transition begins a new journey.

Sometimes it takes awhile to move on from a loss. Have you ever accepted losing someone, but couldn't move on without knowing what happened? I have. I loss a Sister who means so much to me in January 2016. After meeting Sister Ta-Neesha on Twitter, I always wanted to know more about her, but at first I … Continue reading Accepting a transition begins a new journey.

Muslimah Appropriation unCovered

“I want to cover my hair, but I don’t want to be disrespectful”. -Sister to Sister To all of my Sisters who share this concern, I want you to know that it’s not disrespectful if you decide to cover your hair. I titled this post (thanks to an accountability partner who actually gave me the … Continue reading Muslimah Appropriation unCovered

Dropped Seeds

Ta-Neesha and I met around the time of Saviours' Day 2014. I was given her number by the Captain in Toronto, to see about making arrangements to go down together. We were both processing at that same time, but had not met, she was a few months before me. We were in touch by phone … Continue reading Dropped Seeds

The One Who Transcended

I first met Ta-Neesha on Twitter. She gravitated towards me, it was almost as if I knew this girl all of my life. She sent me a direct message and we talked for a little while, then we exchanged numbers. She texted me immediately and the first thing she told me was about a vision … Continue reading The One Who Transcended

Sister Ta-Neesha, Example & Role Model

Our beloved Sister Ta-Neesha (peace be upon her) was not only a beautiful strong minded sister but was a God fearing woman. We met through Twitter about 5 years ago and was inseparable since. She's was so kind, caring, honest, funny, and made sure we talked about The Teachings for at least 30-40 minutes with … Continue reading Sister Ta-Neesha, Example & Role Model

Who and what is your reflection?

What will people describe you as when you are returned to Allah (God)? The words that come to your mind are a reflection of who you are. When you left, I seen positivity, nothing but uplifting words because that’s what you did for many. You made me appreciate life more and you've helped remind me of the … Continue reading Who and what is your reflection?

How are le brain waves?

Sometimes connections you have are with those who are far away. And there's a lesson they have for us across the other side of the world if only we listen to the inner god in them. Sister, I love and thank you for being a reflection. Today, I'm not going to let my “brain waves … Continue reading How are le brain waves?

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