Choose You

Choose: to want; desire

We know you’re probably wondering, what am I choosing? The first step toward making best decisions is to first choose you. You are special and worthy to be chosen.

Have you heard of the saying, “You have to teach people how to treat you?” Well, we have to first know how to treat self. No one will properly choose you, until you learn how to choose YOU as a priority. What does it mean to choose you? It means to love and put self first. You have a duty to self, so every duty after that depends on how you are being dutiful to you.

How do we help you choose you?

We cater to your needs by reminding you to cater to self.

Rebirth Session

During these sessions, we discuss what is holding you back from listening to your spirit. It is time for you to live through the choices that you have been sitting on. We go inside to manifest your desires and dreams in the physical reality. Someone said, “Your intuition said what she said. Believer her.” This is what it means to listen to your spirit and this is the work that we are helping you do.

Dream Interpretation & Life Coach Session

Our dreams/travels are insight into how we are presently showing up in the world and what our future may look like.

During these sessions, we discuss your dream(s) and travels. You will email your dream and then receive a report back on what it means. Following that you will have the option to talk through it or send questions via email.


Listen to yourself and The Creator.

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