I Am Covered Through Trials

I was blessed to be born and raised in The Nation of Islam with a personal decision to officially register in 2014. I joined because I saw no other way of life worthy to accept. None proved to be a path I belonged to. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is the literal reason I was … Continue reading I Am Covered Through Trials

Allah’s love for His girl, Sister Terrika Muhammad

I am a "Nation Baby" so I was raised in the Nation, but I did still choose Islam for myself. Because we are a curious people with free will, we all have that period of time where we wander from the religious beliefs that we were raised knowing. That lasted approximately six months for me. … Continue reading Allah’s love for His girl, Sister Terrika Muhammad

Sister Fatimah: The Revolutionary

I was born in the Nation of Islam, but I accepted for myself and officially registered approximately two and a half years ago. As a registered member, I am a part of the M.G.T. & G.C.C., Muslims Girls in Training & General Civilization Class. In short, M.G.T. to me means being willing to be shaped … Continue reading Sister Fatimah: The Revolutionary

Sister Zakiyyah Maryam’s Islam is Resilient

I am Zakiyyah Maryam and was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee in the Nation of Islam. My family's journey to Islam began with my Great-Grandmother, Willie (May Allah Be Pleased with her). She had to pick cotton when she was growing up. She was a sharecropper and that injustice system that kept black people … Continue reading Sister Zakiyyah Maryam’s Islam is Resilient

Trust in Your Higher Power & Pray Straight Words

There's no better way to start your Monday off other than praising your Higher Power, thanking him for your mercy, and following through on the word/message. All of us living have our "ups" and "downs". Whoever your Higher Power is that you praise and worship hears your cries and your prayers. When the fire comes … Continue reading Trust in Your Higher Power & Pray Straight Words

Project Birthday Bags

I have literally beat every thing doctors said I couldn't and I have lived longer than they said I would. I have been chronically ill since the age of 10, which means I’ve practically been sick most of my life. In 2012, I was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). HLH is a rare autoimmune disorder … Continue reading Project Birthday Bags

Dropped Seeds

Ta-Neesha and I met around the time of Saviours' Day 2014. I was given her number by the Captain in Toronto, to see about making arrangements to go down together. We were both processing at that same time, but had not met, she was a few months before me. We were in touch by phone … Continue reading Dropped Seeds

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